Gift Ideas for Eid You Must Know

There are moon-related gifts that can be presented on Eid days. Since the Islamic calendar is guided by the phases of the moon, a silver crescent moon on a chain can be presented to your loved one to remind him or her of this wonderful feature of Islam. You can also present other items featuring the crescent moon for presentation.

Furthermore, images of words and letters are used to communicate central details of the Islamic faith. Islamic calligraphy is a form of sacred communication and it is supported by the Islamic theocracy and based on Quranic teachings. Islamic calligraphy is an ideal gift for a true Muslim and a framed calligraphy print of verse from the Quran or from the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad can be presented on the Eid day.

There are other sacred gifts that can be presented to your loved ones for Eid celebrations. A holder for the Quran in the shape of the door of the Ka’bah will go a long way to show to that you have respect for the beliefs of the receiver. You can also present a clock that will be a source of reminder for the time of prayer. There are specially made clocks that will actually remind the owner that it is time to pray. This type of gift will help Muslims to be closer to their creator by observing the praying times with great commitment.

Children are not left out in the celebrations and gifts should be showered on them in accordance with your ability. You can get various Islamic books, music, coloring books and so on for them. You can also get materials that teach Arabic alphabets and language so that they will be well versed in the authoritative language of the Holy Quran. Presenting appropriate gifts for Eid celebrations will not only make the day memorable, but will boost the spirituality of both the giver and the receiver.

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